Q: Why is FlexiMag so fast and ultra light?

A: We removed all of the “bloat” and unnecessary code in our theme to ensure it loads ultra fast. Our 99-100 Google Page Speed score doesn’t lie.

Q: Are there any integrated ad options in the FlexiMag theme?

A:  Yes!  Our theme is designed to load quickly and display ads in a manner which increases your revenue.  Our basic setup (in the Widgets section) allows for a before post and after post ad, along with a right and left sidebar ad.  The sidebar ads can be made sticky or regular placement.

Q:  Does the FlexiMag theme have infinite scroll?

A:  The homepage and category pages use infinite scroll to easily display articles to visitors.

Q:  Does the FlexiMag theme allow visitor comments?

A:  No.  Our theme does not have a comments section included, however, you can download third party plugins if you want to add comments.  We left this feature out as many spammers use and abuse the comments section, which can pose a security issue to the site as well as increase load times.

Q:  Does the “Big Continue Button” plugin come with the theme or is it extra?

A:  The “Big Continue Button” plugin (seen here) is included with the theme.

Q:  Does this theme offer any social media sharing functions?

A:  Yes, we have integrated buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  These are coded into the theme instead of using a plugin in order to decrease load time and improve the website speed.  We have also coded the appropriate OG tags so the important information in your post is properly shared on various social networks.  This creates a beautiful looking “card” when sharing on Twitter, and ensures the proper image is used on Facebook and Pinterest when sharing on those networks as well.